Personal Training

Esther Gutiérrez-Sloan

Esther Gutiérrez-Sloan offers personal training in the Chicago area ranging from Evanston to Lake Bluff, based on Robert Gajda's Total Body Training (TBT).  Personal training is offered both in the client's home and at select fitness facilities.  The training ranges from muscular conditioning and flexibility, to aerobic conditioning.  The aerobic conditioning incorporates the Latin rhythms and movements of SALSArobics, and may include treadmills or cycling in homes where the equipment is available.  In homes where equipment is not available, conditioning exercises may incorporate free-weights, versatile and dynamic products such as resistance tubing, inflatable exercise balls, or TBT kinesthetic boards for dynamic stability training.  Esther's training gives her clients an awakened and enhanced body awareness, yielding lasting positive results.  In addition to personal training for general wellness, Esther also trains youth in specific sports conditioning.

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