Instructor Training

Esther Gutiérrez-Sloan offers and has taught a variety of programs for instructor training.  From the training and certification program to become a trained/certified SALSArobics group exercise fitness coach, to workshops and lectures for land and/or water based classes for participants ranging from children through senior.

In addition to teaching in the fitness industry, Esther has made numerous presentations to intermediate school and high school educators.  Esther's basic, functional, participatory approach to teaching facilitates the transfer of knowledge in a memorable, highly entertaining way.

Land-based Educational Programs

1. Instructor Training and Certification to teach SALSArobics.

2. Workshops and Lectures:

- Spiced Latin Combinations
- SALSArobics - The Workshop
- Resist-A-Ball Basic Training
Personal Ergonomics
- T.E.E.N. Fitness
- Children Fitness
- SALSArobics® Fitness Walking Variations
Fitness Walking Variations
- Team-Up Resistance Training
- Total Body TrainingSM
Building RelationshipsSM
Classroom Stress Management for the Educational Professional
- Self + Mind + Senses + Movement = Integration  --  A Lifetime ApproachSM
- The Three F's of Education: Fit, Fun and Functional

Water-based Educational Programs

1. Workshops and Lectures

- T.L.C. (Tropical Latin Caribbean) Waves
- Senior A.B.S. (Aqua Balance Strength)- Liquid T.N.T. (Tone ‘N Tighten)
- W.O.W. (Walk On Water) Challenge
- Oodles Of Noodles (Youth Aquatic Fitness)
- Aquatic Triad: Cycling – Walking – Resistance Training
- Liquid Backs - A Strengthening Experience
- Wet 'N Wild – Hi- Intensity/Safe techniques

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