General Market Coverage

“The Health Club”, interviewed by John Abdo (WCBR-FM, Chicago)

“Special Features” interviewed by Felicia Middlebrooks (WBBM-AM Newsradio 78, CBS affiliate, Chicago)

“Latin Jazz Express”, interviewed by Rodolfo Sanchez (WHPK-FM, Chicago)

Telephone interview by Ernest Harper (WMXX-FM, Jackson, Tennessee)

On-air interview by Dave Allen (WKRS-AM, Waukegan, Illinois)

Latino Market Coverage

“Chicago al Dia”, interviewed by Luisa Torres (WIND-AM, Chicago)

“Latin Happenings”, interviewed by Peter Nuno regarding health and fitness issues within the Latino community (WGN-AM, Chicago)

“Salsa Delight”, interviewed by Verónica del Toro and Juan Flores (KPST-FM, Houston)

“Ellas Hablan”, interviewed by Eliza Miguel (WOPA-AM, Chicago)

“La Panamericana”, interviewed by Jose Vicente Pereira (WONX-AM, Chicago)

On-air and telephone interviews by Mauricio Olivo (WONX-AM, Chicago)