What have the media said about SALSArobics?

SALSArobics has received editorial coverage in over 50 newspapers and 12 national magazines, and has had broad exposure on television and radio.  On national television, Esther has led SALSArobics demonstrations accompanied by Joan Lunden, Florence Henderson, Gary Collins, and Dana Fleming.  Some of our favorite comments from newspaper and magazine writers include:

"SALSArobics uses a combination of Latin dance steps to provide a fluid, compelling, beat-driven aerobics workout. ...on the whole, reviewers thoroughly enjoyed this departure from the typical aerobics class."
                                                  - American Fitness

"Low impact with a Latin flavor - that's what Esther Gutiérrez-Sloan offers with her own spicy blend of aerobics." One of "our ten favorite exercise classes ...from coast to coast"
                                                  - Editors' Choice 1992, Fitness

"...keep-it-tight muscle contraction, rib-cage-up posture, and lots of hip and abdominal action with pulsing step-to-the-rhythm movement"
                                                  - Mary Peterson Kauffold, Chicago Tribune

"...chances are you'll not only improve your muscle tone, you'll also improve your form on the dance floor."
                                                  - Teresa Smith, Women's Sports & Fitness

"The beat is Latin, the location sunny, the dancing lively. You could almost pretend SALSArobics is fun, not exercise."
                                                  - Lewis B. Parks, Houston Chronicle

"...this highly-acclaimed, crisp and visually dynamic video is a pleasurable, entertaining way to dance yourself into shape."
                                                   - Richard Mintzer, New Body

"With popularity of exercise tapes and renewed interest in salsa rhythms, tape should pull considerable sales from those ready to strut their stuff at their local salsa clubs. The attraction of being in shape won't hurt either."
                                                   - Paul Lenti, Variety